Admission Procedures

Al Lathif Islamic School

Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing Al Lathif Islamic School as part of your child's educational journey. May Allah SWT guide you in making the best decision.

Here are the registration steps for Preschool (TK), Primary School (SD), Secondary School (SMP & SMA), and Tahfidz Takhasus Program:


Step 1: Fill out the Registration Form

This ensures that your child is registered in the queue.

Click Registration Form or contact your Enrollment Consultant at  082117319090


Step 2: Pay the Educational Investment

Pay a minimum of 20% of the total educational investment for the general public or the initial investment for the scholarship program. You can transfer the payment directly to the Al Lathif Islamic School/Yayasan Noor Rakhmah account. Please make sure the destination account is as follows:

Account Holder:

Yayasan Noor Rakhmah Al-Lathif

Bank Name:

Bank Syariah Indonesia (Transfer Code: 451)

Account Number:


If you do not proceed with the registration at AIS or fail the selection process, all educational investment funds that have been paid will be refunded except for the registration and psychological test fees.

!!! Beware of fraud using the AIS name. We only use the registration account listed above.


Step 3: Submit Proof of Payment

Proof of payment can be sent to WhatsApp: 0811-2311-369


Step 4: Take the Psychological Test

The test is conducted by the AIS psychology team. It aims to determine the interests, talents, and character of prospective students and to help teachers in the educational process. The psychological test schedule will be informed through the contact information of the registered parents/students.


Step 5: Final Registration

Students who have registered and passed the psychological test or scholarship selection will be notified to re-register. The following data must be completed during re-registration:

  • Re-registration form
  • Scan/photocopy of the last diploma
  • 3x4 passport photo
  • Scan/photocopy of birth certificate
  • Scan/photocopy of family card
  • Scan/photocopy of awards received
  • Proof of payment of educational investment funds

Students who have re-registered will receive a student ID number and school supplies (uniform, bag, books, etc.).

We look forward to welcoming you to the Al Lathif Islamic School community!

For more information, please contact:

Thank you!

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