Program Tahfidz Takhasus

The Tahfidz Takhasus program is a specialized program designed to help students memorize the entire Quran. Students enrolled in this program will reside at the Al Lathif dormitory and dedicate their days to studying and memorizing the Quran. The program is led by Sheikhs and Ustads who have themselves memorized the entire Quran (30 Juz).

Daily Quran Memorization and Review

Every day, students will memorize portions of the Quran and recite their memorization (tasmi') to a Sheikh or Ustadz, typically covering 1.5 to 2 pages. This rigorous program is designed to enable students to achieve complete memorization of the Quran (30 Juz) within 1-2 years.

Guided by a Sheikh with Verified Transmission (Sanad)

The program is overseen by a Sheikh from Palestine who holds a verified Ijazah (certification) for the recitation of the Quran (30 Juz) with a chain of transmission traced back to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This specialized program focuses on both memorization and correcting Quran recitation up to the level of 30 Juz.

Who Can Enroll?

This program is open to all dedicated Muslim men and women (muslimin/muslimat), both teenagers and adults, with a minimum age of 13. Here are the requirements for enrollment:

  • Strong commitment to memorizing the entire Quran (30 Juz)
  • Willingness to reside at the Al Lathif dormitory
  • Proficiency in Quran recitation
  • Students of middle school (SMP) or high school (SMA) age can enroll for a one-year program and then continue their academic education at SMP/SMA Al Lathif
Upper Secondary School Principal
H. Dahawanen, S.H.,M.H.
Students per Class
Class Openings

Curriculum Overview

Reading Qur'an Improvement for New Students:

New students will begin by learning the basics of Quranic recitation, including the articulation points of the letters (makhorijul huruf) and tajwid (the rules of Quranic recitation) until they are fluent. They will then start memorizing from Juz 30.


Tafsir (Quranic Interpretation) Studies:

Students will be guided to understand the meanings of the Quranic verses through tafsir studies.

These studies involve understanding the historical and situational context of the verses, as well as their application in daily life.

The goal of tafsir studies is to ensure that students not only memorize the Quran without understanding, but also apply its teachings in the context of their lives.


Arabic Language Learning:

Arabic language learning is provided as a key support for understanding the Quran.

Students are taught Arabic language skills to enable them to directly understand the Quranic text.

Proficiency in Arabic also helps students communicate with scholars and delve into Islamic literature written in Arabic.


Quran Memorization Target and Sanad Examination:

Students have a target of memorizing the entire Quran (30 Juz) within 2 years.

Their memorization is tested periodically to ensure consistency and strength of retention.

Students who successfully complete the memorization of 30 Juz can take the Quran Sanad exam to obtain a certificate of Quranic memorization with a verified chain of transmission (sanad).

Daily Life Activities

  • Memorization activities are conducted daily to ensure consistency in memorization.
  • Memorization times include a session after Fajr prayer, a morning session after Dhuha prayer, a session after Dhuhr prayer, and a session after Asr prayer.
  • Nightly review sessions are conducted after Maghrib prayer and Subuh prayer, with guidance from parents (for students who return home) or supervising ustads (for boarding students).
  • Each session will have a specific memorization target that must be recited to the supervising ustad or sheikh.
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