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Modern Classroom + Multimedia

Smaller class sizes, bigger impact! The Main Class offers a comfortable environment for non-lab activities and houses dedicated student administration support. Class sizes are kept manageable, with a maximum of 10 students in kindergarten, 20 in elementary, and 24 in middle and high school.

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Masjid Al Lathif

The masjid welcomes all to learn about Islam, memorize the Quran, and participate in da'wah activities. It also a place for dhuhr and and asr together.

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Our computer lab boasts the latest hardware and software, enabling students to develop critical ICT skills in areas like coding, multimedia design, and data analysis.

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Language Lab

The Language Lab fosters development of English and Arabic skills through interaction with native speakers and Palestinian Sheikhs.

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Science Lab

Hands-on learning comes alive in our science lab, equipped for biology, chemistry, physics experiments and more. Here, students gain a deeper understanding of science concepts through practical exploration.

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AIS equips students with a wealth of knowledge by providing both physical and digital libraries to support their learning and research.

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Astronomy has a rich history with significant contributions from Muslim scholars. To honor this heritage, we offer astronomy extracurricular activities to introduce students to this fascinating field.

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Digital Information and Financial Systems

We leverage efficient digital information and financial systems to streamline administrative processes and secure financial transactions, ensuring convenience and security for everyone involved.

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We have safe and well-maintained archery facilities in a safe environment, allowing students to develop archery skills and self-discipline.

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Robotics Facilities

Equipped with top-tier robotics facilities, AIS fosters a competitive spirit in its students, providing them the tools and guidance to become local and national champions.

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Healthy Canteen

Our Healthy Canteen prioritizes nutrition and balance, offering fresh, high-quality meals and drinks to fuel students' health, concentration, and optimal performance.

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